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Polymer App Toolbox is a collection of components, tools and templates for building modern web apps with Polymer. App Toolbox features:

  • Component-based architecture using Polymer and web components.
  • Responsive design using the app layout components.
  • Modular routing using the <app-route> elements.
  • Localization with <app-localize-behavior>.
  • Turnkey support for local storage with app storage elements.
  • Offline caching as a progressive enhancement, using service workers.
  • Build tooling to support serving your app multiple ways: unbundled for delivery over HTTP/2 with server push, and bundled for delivery over HTTP/1.

You can use any one of these components separately, or use them together to build a full-featured Progressive web app. Most importantly, each component is additive. For a simple app you may only need app-layout. As it gets more complicated, you can add routing, offline caching, and a high-performance server as required.

Hybrid compatible. The Toolbox elements and behaviors are available as hybrid versions, which can be used with both Polymer 1 and Polymer 2. Use the 2.0 branch of the elements when working with 2.0 Release.

To get started, see the section on Application templates.

Application templates